To get groestltip donations displayed on your stream you need to do the following things:


Set up your streaming system to receive streamlabs alerts. Simply download Streamlabs OBS and install it. Customise Streamlabs OBS afterwards.

If you prefer other programs, here is a guide for OBS Studio and Xsplit can be found here: Adding widgets to OBS/Xsplit

Set up your tip page (it is made on first login). Link your groestlcoin wallet to the groestltip system here by using a Master Public Key (only xpub supported for now which starts with a F address). This does not let anyone have access to your wallet, it only let us get unused addresses from your wallet. It is read only. A guide to setting up the system with your wallet can be found here:
Wallets with xpub (addresses starting with a F) Master Public Keys available:
  • Groestlpay
  • Electrum-GRS
  • Coinomi
  • 3
    If you want, you can also accept Paypal donations! Add your paypal email here! (must be logged in)
    Now you're ready to go! Simply share your groestltip page ( ) and let people donate!